Frequently Asked Questions - The Forever Box

I am getting married next month, is this enough time to order Forever Boxes for my bridal party?

  • Yes, we can accommodate last minute requests, however when sourcing and customizing each box, we prefer 90 days lead time to make sure that each box meets our "Gold Standard"

Can I specify what kind of vintage jewelry or accessories to include?

  • While the final selection will be made by the 2 Earthy Mamas Stylist team, all items are customizable

Who can I order a Forever Box for?

Forever boxes are for everyone. We offer five different boxes geared to present something special and timeless for each recipient.
  • The Knot Box (1 vintage jewelry. 1 vintage accessory for the bride & groom, vintage houseware, vintage cookbook and the 2 Earthy Mamas recipe for love & marriage)
  • The Bride Box (2 vintage jewelry, 1 vintage hat, 1 vintage purse, 1 vintage teacup & saucer)
  • The Groom Box (1 vintage jewelry, 1 vintage pocket square, 1 vintage bowtie)
  • The Bridesmaid Box (1 vintage jewelry, 1 vintage teacup & saucer)
  • MOB/MOG Box (1 vintage jewelry, 1 vintage accessory, 1 vintage teacup and saucer)
  • Whatever Box (1 vintage jewelry, 1 vintage teacup & saucer, 1 vintage accessories)